Cleaning up the oceans

For every lamp shipped, we fund the removal of 3 kilograms of ocean-bound plastic through cleanups and socially-conscious waste programs. The plastic collected is recycled into new sustainable products. 

That means each lamp sold removes plastic equal to 3000 soy fish packets! 

These programs are happening all over the world, with a focus on developing countries where plastic pollution is causing the most harm.  

At the end of 2020 we funded the removal of our first 1200 kilograms of ocean-bound plastic.

This means we’ve removed the same weight of plastic from the environment as 1.2 million of the little fish packets, or 60,000 plastic bottles!

We’ve done this through Plastic Bank, a global initiative to clean up plastic from some of the world’s most vulnerable coastal communities. 

Collectors in Haiti, the Phillipies, Indonesia and Brazil exchange plastic waste collected in their communities for premiums used to purchase basic family necessities, such as groceries, cooking fuel and school tuition. The plastic collected is then up-cycled into products and packaging, creating a closed-loop supply chain. 

To commemorate the first tonne of plastic removed, we received the Ocean Bottle pictured above. These bottles provide an alternative to single-use water bottles and divert ocean-bound plastic at the same time. This special edition bottle will sit proudly on our desk to mark our first major cleanup milestone. 

Thanks for joining us in making a difference. You can keep making a difference by refusing single-plastic whenever you can! 

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