User Guide - Light Soy Pendant

Installation Instructions


You must use a 5V-1A DC power supply, such as the power supply included in the box.

Mains power installation by a licensed electrician only, according to the installation instructions.

Using another power source, like USB or DC

You can adapt the cable to a USB or DC plug to use with a wall adaptor.

The power input must be 5V-1A DC.

For safety, a licensed electrician or similarly qualified person should make the modifications according to local regulations.

We sell a range of adaptors and accessories.


Read these instructions carefully before use and retain this document for future reference.

Use in dry locations only. Indoor use only. Do not clean with excessive water or any chemicals.
Install away from drafts.

Do not expose to temperatures outside this range: 0ºc – 45ºc

Do not install in direct sunlight.

Use only a 5V-1A DC power supply.

Do not attempt to disassemble the product for any reason. If you have an issue, contact the manufacturer.

Do not dispose of this product with domestic waste, please check with local authorities or the manufacturer for proper disposal.

For decoration only. This is not a toy. Supervise children at all times when they are near any electrical appliance.


There is a touch-sensitive button on the cap. Touch and hold the button to adjust brightness.

Release to set brightness at desired level. The light will save the last used brightness setting.

Care and cleaning

Install away from drafts and out of direct sun. Only install indoors away from water or dampness.


Ensure that the light has had time to cool down (30 minutes minimum). Wipe with a slightly damp lint-free cloth – for example a lens cloth or microfibre cloth. Do not use excessive water or any chemicals / cleaning products.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Disposal and recycling

We have designed Light Soy to be reusable and possible to refurbish. If you no longer want or need your product, please contact us to see if you are eligible for our recollection program.

We have tried to make every part of Light Soy recyclable. However, this does not always mean it can be recycled with your normal household or business recycling. 

Please check with local authorities before disposing of this product.

Our packaging contains no plastic and is recyclable or compostable. Please follow all local instructions for recycling or composting.

If your Light Soy came in plastic wrap, plastic tape or a plastic bag, please take it to your nearest soft plastics recycler.