About Heliograf

Heliograf is the creative collaboration of Angus Ware and Jeffrey Simpson, with a home base in Sydney, Australia. Our passion is for making objects that spark joy, and delight their users with premium quality, functional design and sustainable principles at heart.

Our debut product Light Soy is a playful statement on the iconic soy sauce ‘fish’ bottles used with sushi around the world. The beautiful hand-blown glass and premium accessories reflect our values of quality, longevity, purpose and sustainability.

Angus Ware

Angus is Heliograf’s managing director based in Sydney. Angus is passionate about using design and creativity to solve global problems. His short film 'Junk Food’ opened the 2017 Environmental Film Festival Australia.​

Jeffrey Simpson

Jeffrey is designer and entrepreneur based in London. Creator of award-winning hospitality venture Dovecote on the Australian South Coast, and the Eveleigh Street Creative Precinct in Sydney.
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1% For the Planet

Heliograf is a proud member of 1% For the Planet. One percent of our revenue goes to nonprofit organisations protecting the oceans and preventing plastic pollution. 

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