Light Soy

The award-winning glass lamp inspired by soy sauce fish

  • $495.00 AUD

Introducing Light Soy, our playful glass lamp inspired by the iconic soy sauce fish packets used with sushi, making a big statement on disposable plastic.

Tiny fish, big impact.

These cute soy sauce fish packets may be a fun way to add a drop of soy sauce to your sushi, but they are a huge waste. We designed Light Soy to be treasured, not trashed, and highlight the big issues with single-use plastics. 


Designed to brighten your life, and last a lifetime

Light Soy is thoughtfully crafted from premium materials selected for quality, durability and sustainability, put together in a functional design that fits your lifestyle.


Functional design

With rechargeable battery and aluminium base, Light Soy fits by your bedside, on the dining table or at the sushi bar.


Magical soft light

Warm-white LED with touch control dimming, to set the perfect mood.  


Beautiful handmade glass

Mouth-blown premium glass, etched to an elegant matte finish that is beautiful by day or night. 

Sustainable Design

Made to do good

Designed for a positive impact, with durable parts that will last – and biodegradable packaging that won’t. 

Making a splash in

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Our Mission

Preventing Ocean Plastic

For every lamp sold we fund the removal of 3 kilograms of ocean-bound plastic from the environment through cleanups and socially responsible recycling programs around the world. That’s equal to 3000 little fish packets per lamp! 


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