Introducing  Light Soy™  

Our adorable glass lamp inspired by the iconic soy sauce fish container, with a brilliant message about single-use plastic.

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Designed for a big impression.

Featuring high quality materials like lab-grade glass, etched to a soft finish, an energy-efficient LED, accessories in aluminium, and biodegradable packaging. Light Soy is playful, beautiful, and designed to be treasured. 


Portable or Pendant.

Available as a USB-C rechargeable Table Lamp, with touch-control dimming and aluminium base, or Pendant Light with bespoke aluminium ceiling canopy, so you can fill any space with soft, warm light. 


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Tiny packets – big problem.

They may be cute, but these packets pollute the oceans and harm marine life. We created Light Soy to highlight the big issue with single-use plastics, and support solutions to our global plastic problem. 

Every order makes a difference. 1% of revenue goes to protecting the oceans and preventing plastic pollution. 


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Light Soy Table Lamp

Portable USB-C rechargeable lamp with aluminium base

Light Soy Pendant Light

Mains-power pendant with bespoke aluminium canopy

Registered design pending #202010315. ‘Light Soy’ and the Light Soy symbol are trademarks of Heliograf Pty Ltd. 

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