Light Soy

Decorate your room like a bento box.

Introducing Light Soy, our premium glass lamps inspired by the iconic soy sauce fish packets used with sushi around the world. Available now as a battery-powered Table Lamp or Pendant. 


A sushi fish worth having.

Unlike the disposable plastics that inspired the design, Light Soy is made to be treasured, not trashed. Featuring high quality materials artfully combined to look and feel delightful, last a lifetime, and have a minimal impact on the planet. 

Glass shade

Beautiful, handmade.

Handblown premium quality glass, etched to an elegant soft finish for perfectly diffused light. 

LED Illumination

Soft, warm light.

Comforting illumination from a dimmable, warm-white LED with touch controls.

Design System

Aluminium accessories

Paired with elegant black aluminium accessories inspired by soy sauce and Japanese style in a circular, modular design system. 


Thoughtful design.

Designed for minimal impact, with durable parts that will last – and biodegradable packaging that won’t. 

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Designed to do good

We’re sure you know that disposable plastics like the soy sauce fish packet are a big problem for the ocean. We created Light Soy to highlight the absurdity of single-use plastic, and donate 1% of your purchase to nonprofits stopping plastic pollution from trashing the planet.

Now Shipping

Portable and Pendant

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